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queens_choice's Journal

The Pirate and the Fangirl: Adventures in Fic
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This is the community for join fic-writing projects between piwrit_queen and onlyonechoice/thehappyfangirl.

We hope you enjoy our work!

Warning: In the current 'verse and likely other 'verses to come, the content will not just stray but scamper delightedly towards NC-17, of either the slash or het variety, often with BDSM overtones. If this type of fic doesn't ring your bell, you're welcome to read elsewhere.

Click here for a master table of contents post to link you to everything!

Current 'verses:

Control Theory - NCIS AU, Tony/Gibbs, NC-17
What if Gibbs didn't go into NCIS after Shannon and Kelly? What if Tony had followed in his father's foosteps and go the business route? This chronicles the relationship between ruthless businessman Tony DiNozzo and his new bodyguard.

Sidebar - NCIS/NCIS: LA AU, Tony/Gibbs, NC-17
Gibbs: After Shannon and Kelly, he turned to NCIS. After Mike Franks and one disastrous marriage, he buried himself in undercover work overseas. He worked with Jenny in Paris uncovering terrorist cells, and Callen in Moscow uncovering organized crime connections to drug smuggling (among other things) using Naval vessels and personnel. When his partner was nearly killed by a Russian syndicate, he went deep undercover to bring the whole operation down, both in Russia and in the U.S. There was more to it, but that's for someone else to uncover...

DiNozzo: After Ohio State, Tony turned his penchant for ferreting out information and his natural people skills towards investigative reporting instead of law enforcement. He's had a couple of good stories doing freelance work, but his latest assignment has him pursuing a human interest story about the civilian efforts on behalf of the military.

Unlike Control Theory, which thus far is open-ended, Sidebar is completed